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Kühlschrankmagnet mit Blume


There are pretty much refrigerator magnets available on the market. Many of them have funny slogans, or they are funny sculptures and often they are very unusual, but with our magnets we give the owner the opportunity to pop up the fridge with "FLOWER POWER".

So we call our refrigerator magnets not only magnets or magnets vases, in Germany we call them lovingly "MAGNETVASEN".

MAGNETVASEN are available as standalone unit, or as a set. A set consists of two, three or more vases. The special feature of a set is that the grain of the wood is going through. And this will give it additionally a noble look.

A MAGNETVASE or a set always consists of the wood, the glass and one substitute glass. The substitute glass comes free of charge to you. MAGNETVASEN are available with a center drilling, in this case they are unified, or with asymmetrically drilling. Vases with asymmetrically drilling have a special charm, because you can see at a glance how much water is in the glass. In Germany we say "MAGNETVASEN MIT WASSERSTANDSANZEIGE", which means magnet vases with water level indicator. Please note: The vases with water level indicator is not available at any time. This is a special edition which is highly popular.

When will we produce this special edition? To find out when this edition is available, please look to our newsletter, we will announce this right in time.

All of our vases will be boxed very carefully, before they take their trip into the wide world. And when the journey starts in Düsseldorf Germany it could be very long. Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, United Kingdom, United States of America...